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Bazaruto Fishing – Dec 2011 to Jan 2012

Dear All,

Hope this mail finds you well & in good health.

As most of you already know we are having another cracking Marlin & game fishing season at Bazaruto.

So, as with last year we have decided to extend our stay on the Archipelago until the end of  January 2012. We have also just had a cancelation and a few available dates have open up in December.
So anyone interested to join us for a few days of fishing please check the available dates below and send me a mail to book ASAP.

14-22 December 2011
09-18 January 2012
25 January – 04 february 2012

Indigo Bay as been kind to offer the same specials we had for the season (see attached) for these dates but please note that there as been a 30% increase in fuel in Mozambique since we did those packages in early 2011, so we have had to ammend our fuel rate to us$2.50.                                   This means that there will be a surcharge of us $ 75.00 for the 150 lts given for a full fishing day.

These packages include full board / all inclusive accommodation at the 5 star Indigo Bay Island Resort & Spa
and all inclusive fishing on a 31ft Gulf Craft Sport fisher.

They also offer other amenities and activities such has a 15 minute Mystery Spa Treatment, Scheduled daily snorkeling trip to Neptunes Nursery, Non-motorized activities/equipment, National Park Entrance Fee and Emergency medical evacuation

Flights to/from Indigo Bay (from Johannesburg, Maputo and other) are not included in these packages but we will gladly make these bookings and arrangements on your behalf should you require.

Please note that this packages are confidential and can ONLY be booked directly trough me.

I can be contacted at;

or:     + 258 82 805 7160
         + 258 84 639 0466

Best regards & tight lines,

Duarte A. Moreira Rato

Attached a few action photos from this season but you can follow our daily fishing reports at our MarlinMoz Facebook page;!/profile.php?id=100001203101038

Duarte A. Moreira Rato

Moz cell:            + 258 82 805 7160   /   + 258 84 639 0466

Portugal cell:      + 351 96 398 4392 (June-July)

Skype:                duarteamrato

Ryan Johnson – The Truth Will Prevail

Mossel Bay resident Shark expert and National Geographic presenter catapulted into fame with his high jacking attempt of South African law. In his support structure is Cape Times with very little respect for true investigative Journalism. On the fishing fraternity side we have the truth. The Truth will prevail.

It all started with a gentleman doing what so many other people come to do in Mossel Bay. They fish for sharks. Sharks Fishing is a major tourism sector in South Africa and supports a lot of informal jobs via street vendors. For every angler three point five money spenders accompany them. Ryan and his one man crusade has many loyal supporters but he quickly jumps on those against him with the full might of the media.


Some how he got hold of a letter about the landing handling and fishing regulations of the Great White Shark. He mitigates it on his facebook page and swears that Justice will be served. Shark fishing and the legislation behind accidental catches of Great White is explained here. So why is this crazy blogger shouting about the Truth. … Well the angler … the story about the angler …

Fishing for Duckbill and Bronze Whaler Shark the angler got hooked up into a nice size shark and it fought him awhile before he got it into the wash zone. One thing that Ryan the shark expert cannot help us with is to identify the Great White in the wash zone. Can it be mistaken with other sharks? Yes the Bronze Whaler, Great White and Grey Shark has very similar futures … they are all sharks …

The point I want to make is I will ask Ryan another Question and we see if he answers it truthfully.

Who requested this letter and if a letter intended like this one, can it replace the law or can it be used as a guideline to conduct a fishing competition. Well the interpretation off the law can only be mitigated in a court off law. Not by a World Renowned Shark expert. The letter of the law is clear in Annexure 6 parra 4 

Annexure 6

Recreational Angling Species specific regulations applicable to recreational fishers

(4) Any fish caught in contravention of the provisions of the Act or the permit conditions must immediately be returned to the sea with as little injury as possible.

So the question that I put in front of Ryan Johnson is the following

  1. His Working Knowledge of Autism
  2. Who was this letter addressed to
  3. Who appointed him to mitigate on behalf of South African courts.

I do apologise for the Gremlins sneaking up on my Blog but I did not intend to hack or have my sites hacked by any one. It is purely circumstantial.

Any way the fact is Ryan has taken control of Shark Fishing in Mossel Bay and the Cape Times helped with the high jacking their off. Mossel Bay is a town divided and people are weary to fish this holiday in fear of public persecution through humiliation.  

The fact of the matter is that Ryan Johnson can not stop you spending time with your autistic child/friend next to the ocean fishing for large Selachimorpha even if you may unintentionally hook up with a protected specie.  

Guys go out and enjoy your fishing.